Birthday Party Venues In The Boulder Area

September is my favorite month because it’s my daughter’s birthday month. I have had birthday parties on the brain for several months now because every time her birthday rolls around I start thinking about how we are going to celebrate – what kind of party we should have and of course, where!

Last year we had my daughter’s party at a local park. It was inexpensive and fairly easy. Due to my semi-controlling nature, however, the abundance of variables I couldn’t control caused me more anxiety than I would like to admit.

To be completely honest, hosting parties is not my favorite. I agonize over whether or not anyone will come and if things will run smoothly. This is why in my adult life I do not make a big fuss about birthday parties or celebrations for myself.

Children’s parties are different. When I had my daughter I knew that I would have to get over my reluctance to host parties. Children’s birthdays are supposed to be fun and carefree. They are a huge hallmark of childhood.

There’s a video of one of my husband’s birthday parties that warms my heart every time I think of it. The theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun and my husband still laughs whenever we talk about it.

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