Not Just Another Princess

Every time I see the memes or any comments about encouraging our daughters to strive to be the Batman in a sea of princesses or an engineer instead of a princess, I smile and cringe at the same time. I get the message. I really do (trust me, I’m not about to start an “all princesses matter” campaign).

It just so happens that I am raising a little girl who is happy to swim in the sea of princesses, and I don’t believe this limits her in any way at all.

My daughter’s obsession with princesses is a recent development. It mostly centers around her wanting to wear her Anna costume and any dress more suited for church or Easter as her everyday attire. When she tells me she wants to wear a dress, I know (because she tells me so) that she does not mean any old dress in the closet. Actually, she doesn’t even want any new, very nice, and perfectly clean dress in her closet either. She wants the tutus, the poofy dresses, and the dresses with a little more pizzazz. She calls them princess dresses, and as soon as she puts them on she twirls around, waiting for me to gasp in awe.

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